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EB5 | US Green Card | Permanent resident of US

The necessary requirement to get a green card under EB5

With the EB5 you can have all the privileges of a citizen of US except the passport and voting in the election.

Note: These projects are selected in such a way to reduce the risk to the minimum evel possible, projects like building of schools that has the approval and support of the government, or assisted living projects, where the government can step in with financial support inc case, or city projects.

Furthermore the applicant along with the spouse and the children can live, work or go to school in any part of US and enjoy all the benefits accorded to US citizens.

EB2 | Business Visa

Conditions and benefits of this approach:

This visa is usually issued in a very short period of time under 6 months or sometimes under two months.

Please note this visa can stay valid for as long as you keep the business operational. If you so desire to have a green card, you can make use of the other programs while in US to have your green card and change your status to permanent resident.

By completing the free assessment form you give us an opportunity to let know which program fits you best.

EB3 | Green Card

  1. Conditions to get a green card under EB3 category, unskilled worker.
    - Individuals with no expertise or experience who are willing to work for US companies which have been able to recruit Americans in jobs like hotels, or animal husbandry, etc. Commitment to work in a job that has been approved by US ministry of labor.

    - Grant of green card to the applicant, spouse and the children under 21 years of age.
    The processing of this category goes through different stages the most important of which is approval of ministry of labor.

    At the final stage the candidate will be interviewed by the respective US consulate. If no particular issues are encountered and no request is made for further documentation, the process will not take around two years.

  2. Conditions to get a green card under EB3 category, skilled worker.
    - A minimum of two years of experience.
    - A minimum of a bachelor degree.
    - To have an offer of employment by an American company confirmed by the ministry of labor such that the employer has not been able to find a suitable candidate for this position in that area in the country and the position is not temporary.

By completing the free assessment form you give us an opportunity to let you know which category fits you best.

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